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I believe that when women lack confidence, it's because they are disconnected from themselves. Many of us know on some level that we will never fully love ourselves or be magnetic & sexy to the degree that we desire to be, unless we reclaim this deep connection to ourselves. My work is to help women come home to themselves. 

I also believe that many men want to create a safe space for their woman to unveil this in their relationship, but don’t know how. My work is to help men communicate in a way that adds safety, to be present in a way that brings healing, & to embody qualities that let their woman know that they are trustworthy & dependable. 

Many relationships have repressed sexuality, or one that lacks integrity. This creates the horrific shadow sexuality we see so much of in the world.  Part of my work, is to help others heal their sexuality in a way that benefits their relationships, & the rest of their lives.

This work restores you to who you came here to be. The magical, sensual, ecstatic, playful, blissful… whoever you were before you started to shut yourself down. 

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I AM :

•   A devoted tantrica...

•   A Pleasure activist...
•   A Queen on my knees...


I live this work. I eat it. I breathe it. My transmission is one of deep spirituality, bravery, and orgasmic aliveness. I am here in service of a healed & integrated sexuality. A sexuality that is merged with spirituality.

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There’s nothing that you can bring to our sessions that would rattle me. There’s nothing that I can’t hold for you. There’s nothing that would cause me to judge you.


In most places only part of us is welcome, here your entire being is welcome, however you show up. Through that safety, I create a conscious container to hold your nervous system, & guide you in doing the same. I am here to teach your nervous system that there is no part of you that can not be met with love. 


The container I hold is one of Presence, Love, & Safety. I am deeply committed to creating safe spaces for my clients. I am here in service of dignifying your experience. To hold it as right & aligned. To take all of the judgments & “shoulds” off.


My North Star in this work is to show you that You don’t have to fear emotions or triggers anymore, because you’ve learned how to regulate yourself. You’ve learned how to love yourself back into a state of wholeness. You already hold this wisdom inside of you. I’m just here.. in service of helping you remember it.


I believe that you don’t need fixing. That there’s nothing that you need to arrive at. That you already are a King or Queen. Our work together is simply to align you with your true nature. 


I am here to help you remember who you already are. To remember your crown. Your crown that you never needed to earn. It’s yours by simply being born, it’s divinely given.


I believe that a coach can only take you as far as they’ve gone themselves. I hold a model of Bravery (out of choice, not necessity). Of deep, deep Spirituality & of Orgasmic Thriving.


My work is a combination of Science, Tantra, & Mysticism. Mystical experiences have the most transformative outcomes on a quantum level break thru. Tantra teaches that everything is holy. Everything has consciousness. Everything is a portal. This means that there is nothing in you or about you that is not holy. You are perfection!


Tantra teaches that when you approach transformation from “something is wrong, I need to fix myself”, that you won’t get results or truly progress on the spiritual path.. because at the core it’s from a place of hidden self rejection. 


True transformation is acceptance for all parts of the human experience. Many systems only work with the mental or emotional level with this, but in our work we will address the body, the emotional, the mental, the energetic, & the spirit.


With this as our foundation, I’m not trying to fix you. I’m simply helping you remove everything that’s in the way, for you to be more aligned with your Original Essence (the you before all of the conditioning). 


I will continually point you back to your own inner truth and power. 


No spiritual person is perfect- I shop online, I can get reactive when disrespected, I  Netflix binge.. but I have a deep transmission. I am who I say I am. I am incredibly authentic and transparent. 


When you work with me, I transmit all the work that I’ve done. I can’t do the work for you. But I can hold the codes, & a fast track pass, because of the transmission in my field. 


I will teach you the tools to hold your nervous system in so much safety, while holding this unique transmission. This is not a knowledge based transmission, but an embodied based transmission. It’s an initiation.


You, my love, are drawn to this work BECAUSE of your transmission. It’s a part of your dharmic path & your coding. You already have it, it just needs to be remembered. Welcome to your remembering.

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•    Jade Egg Work
•    Yoni Massage
•    Tantric Practices 
•    Conscious Relationships
•    Women's sexuality 
•    Men's sexuality 
•    Sex Magic 
•    Intentional Self Pleasure 
•    Imago Dialogue  
•    Couples Intimacy 
•    Cervical De-armoring

•    Gentle Trauma Release 
•    Emotional Freedom Technique
•    Family Dynamics 
•    Women's Empowerment 
•    Emotional Empowerment 
•    Sisterhood Wound Healings 
•    Inner Child Work  
•    Internal Family Systems 
•    Conscious Parenting 
•    Religious Trauma Healing

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Ten years ago, I was a playboy model and staying in the mansion. I traveled the world shooting in lingerie & was published a few dozen times in FHM, Maxim, ESPN, and Playboy. You may have looked at me and thought that I was very sensual. That I was proud of my body. But I wasn’t. I was completely disconnected from it - and treated it like a workplace. I was in rebellion mode, and often in freeze mode because of it.


Now, my body is my altar. My place of worship. I am alive to every sensation.


When the urge to freeze or shutdown comes on, I speak my felt sense… I hold myself in safety, and I alchemize it through pleasure.. knowing that my nervous system deserves to bathe in pleasure.


Even during that time that seemed expressed, I was repressed. I was carrying so much trauma in my body… I had been molested by multiple family members as a young girl, and my birth father was a very violent and addicted man who was in and out of jail. My relationship with my mother was a very painful one as well. Neither of them had the tools for healing their trauma, so it was passed down to me. 


Thankfully, I’m a curse breaker. I am who my ancestors dreamed of, prayed for. 

By 16, I enrolled in the youth homeless association and was taken in by a very religious family. Truly, they saved my life. But at the same time, I was conditioned by religion to see my expression & pleasure as dangerous and definitely not for me. Conscious sex? Gasp. That would have sounded demonic. NOW, that exact practice brings me closer to God and reminds me that there is no separation. It’s how I magnetize my desires, where I create from, and is the best cosmetic!


Through that church’s system, I married a man that gave me more safety and more stability than I could’ve ever imagined…  But because I was so dedicated to not feeling safe and not feeling stable due to my encoding, all I could do was fight it off and abandon him. I then ran into the arms of multiple abusers as lovers in my 20’s. Those who reaffirmed that I didn’t deserve safety or stability, because that’s the truth that I held at the time. Through a lot of plant medicine work, Imago therapy, and pleasure work, I was able to rewire this. I am no longer available for anyone that does not celebrate me, that does not value me, that does not see the Goddess in me, that does not see me AS Goddess.


I experienced so much healing, by feeling the pain of my trauma & sitting with it’s wisdom. However, I didn’t become Untamed & Unashamed, or liberated (start to live a reality beyond my trauma) until I realized that I was recreating my trauma. I was doing it all to myself. Through false narratives, projections, beliefs systems, and defense mechanisms. They were all creating a trauma field in my body, which was impacting everything in my life.  That realization ultimately led to my freedom, because if I was the one doing it, it meant I had the power to stop it. 


I did all of the inner child work, the internal family systems, the emotional freedom techniques. And it all helped. But nothing updated my entire system like healing my sexuality & my connection to my body. 


I rewrote my sexual narrative and my relationship to pleasure, and more than any other work that I’ve done on myself, this has changed my life. Being a highly orgasmic woman has reconnected me to my aliveness. It has rippled to all areas of my life. It has been where I've found the most truth. 


The deeper it’s been taken from us, the deeper the reclamation. It is possible to have more than if we were never abused in the first place. 


This trauma has now been healed & integrated AND I’m experiencing my sensuality in a way I likely never would have had I not had to reclaim it! So hand to heart, I say thank you to the trauma. I see your purpose.

My body was something I was afraid of. I never touched it, and when I did, I was left unsatisfied. The intimacy wasn’t there. Now, she’s my oracle. She’s whose words you’re reading. I get a yes/no from her in my decisions.

I didn’t need a highly skilled lover to access any of this. This was always within me. I’ve always been the source of my own pleasure. I’ve always had access to a higher power. I can create the feelings of falling in love on my own. Yes, others have co-created or inspired me.. but it was always created within me. I no longer project my experiences or pleasure onto others. I can cultivate these feelings whenever I want, because I am the source of them.


This is a different type of sexual power. And it came, through merging my sexuality with my spirituality. 


That’s my dharma, and I wouldn’t have had any of it any other way. 


If in the end, I were to be shown a movie of my life.. with all of the pain and all of the heartache, I’d see the beauty in it all, and with tears in my eyes, I’d say “put me back in. I’ll do it all over again.” Because I’m here to be human. To feel it all. The pain. The glory. I’m here to be it all, as the Goddess herself. 


And so are YOU.

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I am trained through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and use their VITA methodology in my one on one coaching.


“Taking the most effective teaching of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, 
and modern coaching, and blending them with the ancient & powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism, and Sacred Sexuality, VITA™ stands for:

The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.

Through the powerful combination of holistic tools like breathwork, pleasure practices, trauma healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, and movement, this method offers a completely unique approach to healing and awakening sexuality.”

“Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, you learn to work with the primal brain and the deep subconscious, which allows you to actually resolve the issues that keep you from having the sex, relationships, and love that you desire and deserve.”

“As a desire-based coaching system, we don’t spend all of our time focusing on what’s wrong or what’s holding you back - instead, we use your vision of what you desire in your life. This propels you forward and motivates you to heal and integrate whatever keeps you from living your deepest desires.”

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Ready is a DECISION, not a FEELING.


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