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Through the merging of sensuality & spirituality
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The way that you have sex is the way that you live life, and the way that you live life is the way that you have sex 
- your sexuality is connected to everything! 

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Society can leave you feeling shameful, powerless & unable to connect to your pleasure and body.
You may be feeling:

Shutdown when it comes to intimacy, with yourself or with a beloved 

Like your unhealed inner child runs the show at times

Out of body at times, struggling to feel fully present 

Untrusting of others due to unhealed mother or father wounds

Like pleasure is a luxury, not something you can access daily

As if there is something that wants to be unleashed in you, but you’re not even sure what that is…

Unable to hold your nervous system in safety when triggers come up 

Judgment towards those who are expressed in their sensuality, whatever that looks like.. & you know it's because there is something suppressed within you


Like you haven’t felt safe to be fully seen by another 


Shame around your genitals and/or breasts and how they look


You know that there’s more to experience sexually but just don’t know how to access it, & you’re not even sure you fully desire to…


There’s an inner knowing that you are not completely free from your trauma, & that there’s more wisdom there for you…

Shame around your sexuality 

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While you've already started to do the work to dismantle your limiting beliefs about sex and love you're still struggling to find a path to the reclamation of yourself and the fulfilled life you've always wanted.


I know what it’s like to fear triggers and big emotions, because you lack the tools to soothe & hold your nervous system in safety.


I know what it's like to seek a deeper purpose, to feel disconnected from your sexuality

and your body. You feel not only dissatisfied with your sex and love life, you wonder if there is more. You wonder if there’s something missing.


Now, you’re ready to uncover the answers you know are already within you. You’re ready to develop the tools and skills needed so that you no longer self abandon. You’re ready to connect with yourself and access your pleasure on the deepest levels. You’re ready to live a life that is untamed and unashamed, in your relationship with Self and your Beloved.  You’re ready for the shameless sensuality & epic love that you’ve always desired.

Through the art of tantra and the merging of sexuality & spirituality, you will not only step into a more healed & integrated sensuality, but a more healed and integrated Self.

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If you follow your trauma long enough, you will meet your sexuality. If you follow your sexuality long enough, you will meet your trauma. This is not surface level work. Together, we will uncover deep wounds & embedded beliefs in the subconscious, embrace the inner child, journey into the Self to build a thriving ecology, work with family dynamics, and empower your Inner King/Queen.


As Carl Jung says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” It’s very true that we don’t get what we consciously want, we get what we unconsciously want. That’s why so much of this work is making the unconscious conscious.


Left handed tantra is often called the “lightning path” because it can transform and wake you up as fast as lightning. This is because there is more energy for growth, where there is more taboo or more socialized shame. & practicing tantra, is to work with the taboo & the shame, & to find holiness there. You can rapidly advance your liberation by going where the restriction and conditioning are.


Are you ready to make the unconscious conscious, and change your fate?

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Meghan I.

"She has skillfully lead me through sacred ceremonies that have catapulted my journey to my most authentic fulfilled self, and reconnected me to my body and my pleasure. Jade is a true healer and I am so incredibly thankful for her coaching."



"I was called to Jade’s coaching initially because I felt cut off from my sexuality in my long term relationship. I received healing for this in the program, plus a lot more depth than I could have expected."



"Her work is very powerful. After our 4th session, I found the confidence to approach a woman in a shop. We went on a date that next week. It has been over a year since then, and we just got engaged."

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Gain tools to hold your nervous system in safety

Get really clear on what it is you desire

Learn how to access your pleasure in a way that connects you to your power

Gently release your traumas and internalized family systems in a holistic way

Work with your inner masculine & feminine

Learn to embrace your inner child

Find emotional empowerment 

Discover tools for vibrant and healthy relationships

Step into a radical self love


Connect to your sensuality in a deeply spiritual way

Unlock your authentic sexual expression by embracing shameless sensuality 

Become a seductress or seductor and magnetize more magnetic relationships

Become open to receiving more wealth


Learn to integrate trauma in a pleasurable way

Enhance your pleasure and sexual sensitivity

Connect to and empower the God or Goddess within 

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1-On-1 Coaching



Take part in 4 1-On-1 coaching sessions weekly or biweekly with me.


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Take part in a 3 month container with me. This

includes 1-On-1 sessions weekly or



( A savings of $250 )

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Take part in a year long container with me. This

includes 4 1-On-1 sessions a month.

text availability/support in between sessions

whenever needed


( A savings of $1K )

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