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A 90 Minute Masterclass Diving Into Self Love
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What if everything about us, could be held in love? With nothing left out. What if NOTHING was undeserving of love- what would that look & feel like?

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Tantra philosophy is that EVERYTHING we are experiencing is the body of the Goddess.

Everything has God consciousness. All is sacred. From the "profane", to the pure.

Which also means everything is deserving of love. Every thought. Every emotion. 

Many of us were raised with the teachings of original sin, which taught that God could abandon us. This ingrains in us not only a deep abandonment wound with others, but self abandonment as well.

With this teaching of original wholeness and radical self love, it is the opposite of abandonment.. from the Divine, and from the Self. It is a commitment to love all parts of us, knowing we are worthy. 

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There is NO adult (outside of us) that can 
give us the amount of attention, love, care, & safety that we require in these parts of us that have lacked self love.

While we can teach partners how to love us well and help us feel safe, the safety that these abandoned pieces are looking for… has to come from US first.

When we start to provide this for ourself from a truly nourishing place, where love and safety is available to every part of us, our relationships with friends, lovers, and our partner become truly nourishing as well. AND we know we're worthy to receive it.

Until then, we tend to sabotage and push away love because no one is feeding that part of us that is in such need of Self Love.

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For a long time, I approached healing and self development work from an "I'm broken" mentality. But even that was hidden self rejection. Inevitably, it turned in to a vicious cycle of unworthiness and not enoughness, with very little transformation. 


Once I started to approach all areas of my life (not just my spiritual practices) from a place of self love, my entire life changed. I no longer felt fragmented. 

I also then felt worthy to receive love from others in a way I had never experienced before. 

This is fully available to you too. It begins with a commitment to radical Self Love, and letting everything you do flow from that place. 


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You know you're worthy & still get stuck in negative self talk

You still carry the narrative or beliefs that God would abandon you


You desire to feel more empathy & forgiveness for yourself


You’ve noticed that you’ve called in a pattern of partners that don't fully love or choose you

You feel disconnected from your self, & your mission


You desire a better understanding of how to relate to yourself from the heart instead of the mind


There is a self sabotaging voice inside of you that isn’t yours


You have inner power struggles that lead to self abandonment 

You find yourself constantly reaching outside of yourself for love and validation 


You have difficulty opening up to, or receiving love from others 

You find yourself setting boundaries from a place of fear instead of from a place of self love, worthiness and sovereignty 

You find that you close your heart down when you feel fear of abandonment or loss of love 

Your inner voice is critical instead of loving and empowering ​

You’re unsure of how your inner critic may be running the show, & want to learn how to approach even this part of you with love 

You crave the life of your dreams

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January 25th 12pm central

This masterclass is $44, and the recording will be made available.

10% of all purchases will go to Memphis Rox, an inner-city community center committed to keeping youth off the streets & away from gun violence.

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