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Meghan's Testimonial

Meghan Incorvaia

When I came to jade I was really heartbroken and frustrated about my unhealthy relationship patterns. I remember her words on our first call soothing my weary soul and giving me hope. I also remember how struck I felt by her intuitive powers. Her insights landed with me and went straight to the heart of the issues I was bringing to her. I could feel the weight of the wisdom in her words in my bones. She is so safe and approachable I felt like I could share my deepest thoughts uncensored. 


After our work together I healed some of my sisterhood wounds from women in the past who have judged me when I was vulnerable. She has called out so much gold in me and I have risen to the best version of myself with her support. We need the sisterhood to heal, we can’t do it alone. She has skillfully lead me through sacred ceremonies that have catapulted my journey to my most authentic fulfilled self, and reconnected me to my body and my pleasure. Jade is a true healer and I am so incredibly thankful for her coaching. It's really hard to put into words but this is my best attempt.

Cassie's Testimonial


I was called to Jade’s coaching initially because I felt cut off from my sexuality in my long term relationship. I received healing for this in the program, plus a lot more depth than I could have expected. Through her program, Jade helped me find more self love. I became more in touch with the felt senses in my body. Jade held space for me to process trauma that was holding me back from sexual pleasure, and to create a safe space within me. I was directed on how to create life force energy and manifestation through my sexuality and pleasure. Also, Jade introduced me to a daily sex practice ritual for the benefit of my own well being, to feel more fully alive and fulfilled in my life. 


Of course my relationship has benefited from this program, but it extends much further than that. I feel more wholly myself and the program has allowed me to access a richness in life that I was missing before. 

Ronny's Testimonial


When I came to Jade, I had just turned 58 and had not been on a date in over 25 years. After the hurt I experienced from my divorce that was due to infidelity, I just could not open my heart to a woman again. I felt so safe with Jade, and my heart began to soften. I spoke to her about trauma that I had never once told anybody. I had never tried meditation before, but she guided me through techniques to help release some of this trauma & I had never experienced anything like it.


Her work is very powerful. After our 4th session, I found the confidence to approach a woman in a shop. We went on a date that next week. It has been over a year since then, and we just got engaged. I have my sessions with Jade to thank for this. I not only developed self confidence, but the trust to open my heart again. I was new to this type of work, but it quickly changed my life forever.

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